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Since 2008
Family Owned & Operated Since 2008

Harlan, Iowa

Open 6 days a Week!* - Dine-in or Carry Out

Monday - 11 to 2 pm (Lunch Only)

Tuesday through Friday - 11 to 8 pm (Lunch/Dinner)

Saturday - 11 to 2 pm (Lunch Only)

* Closed all major Holiday unless otherwise posted.

Catering Available with 24 hour notice.

From Facebook

We have Prime Rib Sandwiches today while they last with a daily side option of Cheesy Hash Browns. Todays soup is Flying Pig Slop.
Try a slice of our Sour Cherry Shortcut Cake for a treat.
posted: April 21st
  • Looks yummy (Mike Burroughs)

Friday Preview- Prime Rib Sandwiches! Celebrating the first fish less Friday after lent. Time to plan a lunch date.
posted: April 20th
  • Save one of those bad boys for me!!!!!! (Colette Bone Plagman)

Just in time for dinner. Quadruple Chocolate Mint Chip Brownies. $1.99 each.
posted: April 19th

Happy Easter weekend. Todays soups are Cheesy Hash Brown or Philly Cheese Steak. Take the family out to lunch today.
#forkingawesome #vermin
posted: April 15th

Even 2 year olds like Betta' Burgers! What's your favorite?
posted: April 13th
  • 😂 yes she does! (Josie Brandt Maass)
  • Lol she is adorable!! (Jennifer Bostick)
  • Cute!!! (Laura Andersen)
  • Mega meat? "the one with all the different meats! (Kelly Swisher)
  • Go Gwynie! (Tara Kelley)

Friday preview. Shrimp Po-boys.... last time this lent. Soups will be Clam Chowder and Flying Pig Slop. Share with family and friends. #harlaniowa
posted: April 13th

Just in time to tackle the Rocky Road Cake.
posted: April 13th

Back by popular demand. Better than my XES cake. Loaded with Hot Fudge and Caramel.
posted: April 11th

Already half gone... Lemon Blueberry Etreme Cream Cake. Only 3.99 a slice.
posted: April 7th
  • It was delicious! So was the sandwich. (Mike Burroughs)

For those who get tired of Chocolate! Here's a Mandarin Orange Cake with crushed pinapple fluff frosting. So refreshing as dad would say. Sure do miss him.
posted: April 6th
  • Friday? (Barb Baker Cummings)
  • Who can ever be tired of chocolate!? (Monica Flathers)

Say hello to our Chocolate pudding mousse cake.

Todays soups are French Onion or Creamy Chicken Wild Rice.
posted: April 6th

Who wants to walk down the Rocky Road Shortcut.
posted: April 4th

Look what we have tonight. Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcut Cake. #forkingawesome
posted: March 31st

Todays soups will be Flying Pig Slop or Very Veggie.
posted: March 31st
  • Any Lenten sandwich specials today? (Paul Schmidt)

Todays soups are French Onion or Broccoli Cheddar. See you lunch or dinner.
posted: March 30th

Look what we have for lunch today. Strawberry Pudding Poke Cake! Get your Forks ready.

Soups will be Cheesy Hash Brown or Blindfold Chili.
posted: March 29th

Well we have not had this one for awhile. Better than XES cake. Loaded with Hot Fudge and Caramel.
posted: March 25th

Stop in for a slice of Raspberry pudding poke cake with fresh raspberries.

Todays soups are Flying Pig Slop and Clam Chowder.
posted: March 24th

Try a slice if Blueberry Shortcut Cake today.
posted: March 23rd

From Facebook

Sandwich Bowl Harlan Team would like to congratulate both Amanda Mc Donald and Alexandria Temme for achieving Certified Profesional Food Manager certification.
posted: January 8th


  • Yay us! Good job Alexx Temme! (Amanda McDonald)
  • Woohoo! (Alexx Temme)
  • (Kathy Fisher)

HELP WANTED - Part time help needed in Harlan. 25 to 30 hours a week average. Lunch hours 11 to 2. Dinner 5 to 8:30 pm. Monday through Saturday. Applications now being accepted.
posted: January 6th

Warm up with Creamy Chicken Wild Rice or French Onion soup today.
posted: January 5th

Happy New Year Sandwich Bowl fans. We will be open until 2:00 pm. Bring the family in for lunch today.
posted: December 31st

Merry Christmas eve facebook family. We will be open for lunch until 2 pm. Today's soups will be Tomato Basil & Chatburn.

Chatburn soup is our Chatburn sandwich made into a creamy potato soup recipe.

Still time to grab a gift card for that special person on your list.
posted: December 24th


  • Yum yum good..... Hope to get there but the fog iis very bad here, so if I don't make it there I want to thank your staff for all the great meals I have had there this pasr year, Your staff is amazing.. MERRY CHISTMAS AND A BRIGHT NEW YEAR WITH more amazing meals in 2017.... (Debby King)
  • Thank you for the yummy Chatburn soup!! It was just as good as I remembered it was last Christmas Eve!! (Jessica Fitzpatrick Anderson)

Friday is a (Prime Time) to gather family and friends for the Holiday weekend. We have enough for 20 sandwiches, plan an early lunch. Last Friday we sold out before Noon.

Fridays soups will be Flying Pig Slop or Beefy Mushroom Barley.

We will be open Friday evening until 8:00 pm. Open Christmas eve until 2:00 pm.
Merry Christmas to all.
posted: December 23rd


  • Shawn said one sandwich has his name on it ;) (Barbara N. Watson Carter)
  • Love your place, stop by when I am in Harlan (Debby King)
  • What soups do you have in mind Christmas Eve? (Jessica Fitzpatrick Anderson)

Thursday meet up for a Holiday party with Creamy Chicken Wild Rice or French Onion soups. If you are lucky you may be able to experience our Mile High Monster cookie pie or Oreo cream extreme cream pie.

Friday - Prime Rib Sandwiches again.
posted: December 22nd


  • Marcus Erwin (Amanda Findlay)
  • Danielle THIS!!! (Nikki Prothro)

Wednesday's soups will be Chicken Noodle & Cheesy Hash Brown.
posted: December 21st

Great stocking Stuffers and Teachers Love them. Today's soups are Loaded Creamy Potato & Ronald Reagan (hamburger vegetable w/hominy) Hominy times do I have to tell you;)
posted: December 20th


  • Awwwww. I miss hearing that..ha ha. (Colette Bone Plagman)

Warm up with Broccoli Cheddar or Tomato Basil soups today. Remember gift cards are available in any amount. Tiz the season of making someone smile.
posted: December 19th


  • Mmmm. Sounds good. Hey...I like your fork flower. 😉😉 (Colette Bone Plagman)

Tiz the season for Prime Rib Sandwiches this Friday. We will also be serving Flying Pig Slop and Clam Chowder. Nothing like a little Surf and Turf to warm you up for the Holidays. Share with family and friends.
posted: December 15th


  • Oh, Justin!! (Laura Andersen)
  • My mouth is watering! 😉 (Colette Bone Plagman)
  • Sold out before Noon today. Will have ti try it again next Friday??? (Sandwich Bowl LLC)
  • 😃 (Colette Bone Plagman)

Warm up your bellies with French Onion, Split Pea & Ham or Blindfold Chili today. Reubens really hit the spot on a cold day like today.
posted: December 15th

Warm up with homestye Chicen Noodle or Cheesy Hash Brown soups today. We have bread bowls for your enjoyment.
posted: December 14th

Warm up with some Tomato Basil or Creamy Chicken Wild Rice for lunch today.
posted: December 12th

Bacon Mac & Cheeseburger Soup 0n Saturday. All the Awesomeness in one bowl.
posted: December 10th

Featuring Beef Brisket Sandwiches today! Soups will be Flying Pig Slop and Tomato Basil.
posted: December 9th

Warm up with Clam Chowder or French Onion today.
posted: December 8th

Time for Extra Mile Peanut Butter Brownie Pie. This one's loaded with peanut MM's and Butterfinger crunch. Share with a friend! Only 3.99 slice.
posted: December 7th

Today's soups are Turkey Noodle and Cheesy Hash Brown.
posted: December 7th

Look what we have tonight. German Chocolate Cake! #forkingawesome #madefromscratch
posted: December 6th


  • Mmmmmmm (Colette Bone Plagman)
  • If you have any left over please let me know because that is my all time favorite!!!! (Cindy Marie)

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